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What is your process like, Bros?

We tend to keep things short, sweet, and to the point when it comes to information. No one likes to hear anyone blabber about something that will not add value to any conversation, or to any project. So here is our sample Checklist for almost all of our remodeling projects!

Receive the information on the client’s project, whether as a walk-in or via the communication channels

Schedule an appointment in our showroom to host the client, presenting the materials we work with

Have the client choose the materials based on their projects needs

Schedule a field measure

Take pictures of the project space

Review Overall budget - Deluxe - Mid-Upper – Basic via presented estimate

First green light on pricing

If the pricing needs revision, re-estimate based on the new material chosen, second green light

Design Presentation in person, at our showroom

Review Material Options - cabinetry - countertops - backsplash - decorative hardware – others in the showroom

Customer receives Initial estimates from the Brothers

Customer makes changes to design and/or scope of work to meet budget and design standards and functionality

Team Meeting to confirm the scope of work, materials, design, estimates and build out a timeline

First Deposit (Usually covering the materials, in order to allow us to get the materials set for installations)

Send Schedule

Materials get ordered

We follow the schedule time-line and communicate with homeowners about changes to the installation schedule

Delivery of Product

Installation (receive the payment on installation to finalize the project following a walkthrough)

If any other projects are left to be done, go back to no. 13 until the full-scope project is completed

Final Walkthrough

Final payment

Kitchen post-construction cleaning

After pictures of your Dream Space

Last but not the least, Enjoy!

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